Regional Federations

The agriculture cooperative may engage in all or any of the following activities as per Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Memorandum Circular No. 2015-05 Series of 2015 with Subject: Guidelines for the Registration of Agriculture Cooperative

  1. Raising, culture of plants, animals; Provincial Cooperatives are culturing plants for perfumery particularly Agarwood Bari Aquilaria malaccensis. Later on will include other perfumery crops. example of primary cooperative is Agarwood Cavite Agriculture Cooperative (ACAC).
  2. Facilitating the procurement of farm inputs/implements for the members; This purpose of agriculture cooperative will be under the Regional Federation. ex. Oud CALABARZON Growers Federation of Agriculture Cooperative (OCGFAC)
  3. Processing and marketing of the members products/produce; This purpose will be under the tertiary cooperative or National Federation, Oud Philippine Growers Federation of Agriculture Cooperative (OPGFAC).
  4. Any other activities that lead to the reduction of cost and/or value addition of outputs. Will be processing pharmaceutical compounds using the Supercritical Fluid Extraction method for anticancer drugs related preparation. 

The agriculture cooperative, in addition to the above mentioned activities may also engage in providing allied services such as but not limited to storage and transport of members’ products/produce. Will have export trade promotions and the export processing and documentations.