Bari Cultured Seedlings – Coop Nursery Only


Tissue Cultured Bari Plantation Package is 100pcs

Includes full assistance in growing and up to harvest like:

  • Agarwood Tree Monitoring App profile set-up for GEOTAGGING as required by the DENR in yearly reporting and registration.
  • Plantation Management Assistance in application of suitable fertilizer of growing.
  • NANO Inoculant Technology and microbial application developed by UPLB and approved by the DENR.
  • Distillation Technology developed by DOST-FPRDI.
  • Oud Export trade and marketing from Supply Chain Management professionals
  • Agarwood Leaf Tea Production Technology developed by the DOST-FPRDI.


Advantages of Tissue Culture

There are several advantages to using the tissue culture process. Its effectiveness in helping developing countries to increase food production, but what are some other advantages that may be relevant to you?

  • The new plantlets can be grown in a short amount of time.
  • Only a small amount of initial plant tissue is required.
  • The new plantlets and plants are more likely to beĀ free of viruses and diseases.
  • The process is not dependent on the seasons and can be done throughout the year.
  • You need only a relatively small space to perform the process (ten times the plants in one-tenth of the space).
  • On a larger scale, the tissue culture process helps to supply the consumer market with new subspecies and variety.
  • People looking to cultivate challenging plants such as specific breeds of Aquuilaria find more success with the tissue culture process than traditional soil.