Cooperative Movement

Industry & Organization branding development

  • Vision / Mission / Strategies / Advocacies

Conservation of Ecosystem

  • Wildlife Bari Seedlings Propagation and Distribution in collaboration with DENR Regional Offices for Wildlife Culture Permit (WCP)

Alignment with government programs

  • Reforestation Program in collaboration with DENR-FMB
  • Contract Growing with People’s Organizations having Tenurial Instruments in collaboration with DENR-FMB

Bari Product Development & Identifying market segments & channels

  • Chemical Characterization of Bari Leaf Tea with DOST-FPRDI (On-going)
  • Bari Tea Leaves Production in Collaboration with DOST-FPRDI
  • Incense from post distillation powder
  • Shampoo, Beauty Soap and Conditioner from Bari Hydrosol
  • Harvest Techniques and Procedures
  • Separation of Infected parts of the wood.
  • Collecting Chips
  • Powdering Chips
  • Toxicity Test for Hydrosol as Edible Drink